Not sure where to start with Self-Care? Start with Sunday!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I’m waking up slow today. Happy Sunday!

Today has been lovely so far. I woke early and popped myself in the sauna. I took a shower and had some chai, ate a plant-based sugar cookie (or two) 😅, did yoga, and took the doggo out for a walk. It’s a cool, gray, and damp day here and it feels perfect for fall in the Pacific Northwest. No one else in my house is even up yet (except the pets). It feels like it's just me and the morning. It’s a new, fresh, day and I feel joy, passion, creativity and lightness, and this is how most of my Sunday’s go nowadays. Though, they didn’t always.

My weekends have always been my weak spot. I LOVE the freedom of having absolutely no plans. I like to free-flow and see where I end up, but unfortunately for me, sometimes I end up on the couch, most of the day, snacking on whatever because I don’t feel like cooking. I'll admit it, yes, I am naturally lazy, so although I love doing that stuff, I also feel like it can completely derail me from my goals at times. So I made a plan to make more plans on my weekends, and one of those plans was starting my own personal #selfcaresunday. Doing this keeps me a little more on track.

Even though I am able to make some time during the week for everyday self-care items, it doesn’t always leave me feeling truly nourished. Sunday is now my little reminder to take time to rest, move, connect, and to check in with myself in a gentle but productive way.

Here are a few things I make time for every Sunday:

  • Sleep. I allow myself to catch up on sleep on Sunday. Sleep is so important for our bodies! I never set an alarm or allow mandates on my time on Sunday. I can only do this one day a week but it really helps me feel refreshed.

  • Skin Care. I take about 5-10 minutes to dry brush at least once a week. This can stimulate pores, helps exfoliate my skin and drain lymphatic tissue. For me, this has become a mandatory step in self care process. I have very dry, very sensitive skin and this has really helped my skins renewal process. I also try to take a hot bath, shower, or sauna on Sundays too!

  • Hydration. I work hard to drink water during the week but it feels like by Sunday, I am dehydrated! Due to this, I make extra efforts to refresh my system on Sundays by drinking replenishing beverages and a lot of them! (think coconut water, smoothies, electrolyte waters even Pedialyte to mix it up!) I also add chia seeds into many of my drinks for an extra hydrating punch. Did you know they can hold up to 12x their weight in water! Whoa!

  • Healthy Eating. Weekends can be so hard for me! I am a creature of habit and when that habit is disrupted, I can quickly become a victim to my own circumstances. I have come to realize though, that having an unscripted schedule for eating (ie hectic weekends) does not mean that I suddenly have food amnesia. I know what makes me feel good as it relates to food and what makes me feel bad. I work to be flexible with my food on the weekends but still eat towards my highest good.

  • Connecting with others: I make Sunday a day to connect with the people I care about most. For me, this means going to bed early so I can chat with my partner about our upcoming weeks and refresh our joint space. Other times, it may be going for a walk as a family, having a family dinner; or calling a friend. How are you honoring your relationships? Do they look the way you'd like them to?

Do you have a self-care routine? If so, contribute to the conversation. What are your favorite self-care practices?

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