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We are committed to EMPOWERING you to live a BETTER and HEALTHIER life through our personalized programs. 

There is no one size fits all approach here!

We will destroy YOUR road blocks and find NEW and BETTER ways to reach your goals!

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Elimination Diet Group

Feel better in 3 weeks!

Want to embark on a new journey to find out which foods are causing your body to feel tired, achy, sore, congested? Are you having stomach or bowel issues? Chronic headaches?

Did you know that studies show that many of these symptoms are linked to food sensitivities?

Our elimination diet group starts on January 18th and can help you FEEL BETTER FAST while you discover which foods are keeping you from feeling your best!

*This group WILL fill up quickly! I only have 10 spots TOTAL. I am keeping it intentionally small to better serve participants.

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21 Day Mental Health Reset

Do you want to feel a little more in control?

Feeling tired, depressed, or just a little on edge in general? How many of us have gained weight over the last few months or developed some unhealthy habits? My hand is way up you guys. You are not alone! 

I’ve created a short and sweet, 21 day Mental Health Reset to help us get into a good head space for 2021. 

This reset is a fun, easy and quick way to boost your mental health. 

This 21 Mental Health Reset will help you:

Release toxicity and anxiety 

Cultivate more positivity and gratitude

Find support in a positive space

Boost mood

Break up the monotony of COVID life

If this resonates with you please let us know! We will update with next starting date when available. Last group held in 12/2020 and it was AWESOME!

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6 Month Coaching Program

There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL health here

6 Month Coaching program is program built around your personal goals and needs.  Together, we will create a road map for your journey, set some goals and get you moving! 

-Unlimited Email Support

-2 Monthly Coaching Session

-Weekly info, updates and check ins

-Help with recipes and meal planning

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Services 

Reiki is referred to as "energy healing" or as "energy therapy". Energy healing targets the energy fields around the body where things like trauma tend to get stuck.

This hands on healing modality could help you reduce pain, improve mood, increase relaxation and promote your overall positive well-being. 

It feels like calm - a true sense of peace.

Feeling curious? Try out a session!